Capromab pendetide

Capromab pendetide was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on October 28, 1996. It was developed and marketed as ProstaScint® by Cytogen (a member of EUSA Pharma).

Capromab pendetide is a murine monoclonal antibody, which is directed against a glycoprotein expressed by prostate epithelium known as Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA). It is indicated as a diagnostic imaging agent in newly-diagnosed patients with biopsy-proven prostate cancer.  

ProstaScint® is available as a kit for intravenous use, containing 0.5 mg/mL of Capromab pendetide. The recommended dose is 0.5 mg radiolabeled with 5 mCi of Indium In 111 chloride given over 5 minutes.

General Information

Update Date:2015-10-14

Drug Name:
Capromab pendetide
Research Code:
Trade Name:
PSMA-targeting and In 111 accumulation
Diagnostic agents
Cytogen (Originator), EUSA Pharma (Originator)
ATC Code:
Approved Countries or Area

Update Date:2015-07-29

Approval Date Approval Type Trade Name Indication Dosage Form Strength Company Review Classification
1996-10-28 Marketing approval ProstaScint Prostate cancer Injection 0.5 mg/mL EUSA Pharma
Biology Structure

Update Date:2015-07-29

Type Whole antibody
Source Murine
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
CAS No. 145464-28-4
Expression System Mammalian Cell